Lithuanian Collective Stand 2011

Lithuanian Collective Stand

Lithuania - The Guest of Honour Country 2011

The Lithuanian Collective Stand

Hall 30, B7

Visitors of Lithuanian Collective Stand got a chance to see a collection of the best Lithuanian children’s books, reflecting the traditions and the current situation of publishing in the country. The collection was comprised of approximately 200 books selected by experts on children’s books.

Nine leading children’s book publishers, shaping the latest trends in children’s book publishing in Lithuania, also presented their books at the Lithuanian Collective Stand.

Two publications reflecting Lithuanian children’s literature today were available at the Lithuanian Collective Stand: Illustrarium: Twenty Books from Lithuania for Children and Teenagers and Illustrarium: The Best Lithuanian Books for Children 2000–2010.

Publishers: Alma littera, Baltos lankos, Dominicus Lituanus, Kronta, Nieko rimto, Terra Publica, Šviesa, Unseen Pictures, Žara