Rimantas Černiauskas (1950–2011) was a writer, playwright, translator. Graduated in 1973 with a BA in Mathematics from Vilnius University. R. Černiauskas worked as a teacher until 1987. 1996–2004 taught an elective course in the Humanities Department of Klaipėda University and led Children’s Literature seminars.

In 1984 he was accepted into the Lithuanian Writers’ Union. Since 1987 he has chaired the Klaipėda section of the Writers’ Union.

He made his literary debut with the collection of short stories This Side of the Clouds. Later he published several more collections of short stories, children’s books, a collection of plays The Sincerity Club and a novella, Confession of a Hired Killer.

Since 1994 he has compiled the literary and cultural magazine Baltija (The Baltic Sea).

In 1996 he received the Ieva Simonaitytė Prize for his book Campfires in the Attic. His book, The Earthworm’s Tale published in 2007, was awarded as the best children’s book of the year. In 2010 he was awarded the title of the Master of Culture of Klaipėda in recognition of his merits to the town.

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Selected translations


Воинственный характер, Moscow: Mолодая гвардия, 1988

Истории про Густаса и учителя, Kaliningrad: Kладезь, 2006