Born in Moscow in 1906, she died in Kaunas in 1999. She left Kaunas Art School in 1934. She was active in several fields of applied art: she designed decorative ceramic plates and vases, made ceramic figurines, designed posters, created ex libris, and drew illustrations for children’s magazines and books. Her first major work was illustrating the Lithuanian writer Stepas Zobarskas’ 1938 fairy tale Brolių ieškotoja (Looking for the Brothers). In Soviet Lithuania, she illustrated 25 children’s books up to 1960. Her ability to draw very detailed images which succeed in conveying mood was highly praised. Her illustrations of Charles Perrault’s Cinderella (1951 and 1957) are among her best works. In 1958 she created the didactic picture book Mano dienelė (My Day), about the everyday life of a child in the Soviet Union. She was awarded a medal in 1960 at the Moscow Exhibition of Economic Achievements for her drawings for Elena Binkauskienė’s book Namų ruoša (Housekeeping).