Lithuanian Film

Ladislas Starewitch animation

Photo: Martin-Starewitch collection

Films: The Mascot (Fétiche Mascotte, 1933), The Tale of the Fox (Le Roman de Renard, 1929-1930), The Navigator (Fétiche en voyage de noces, 1936).

Ladislas Starewitch (1892–1965) was a pioneer of puppet animation, who started his career in Lithuania at the beginning of the 20th century. He became famous in Russia and later flourished to his full capacity in France. This animator’s unique films enjoyed international acclaim, winning him the nicknames The Wizard of Animation and The Walt Disney of Europe.

Sunday, 27 March

4.00 pm

Cineteca di Bologna - Cinema Lumière (Via Azzo Gardino 65)

The Beauty / Gražuolė

Director: Arūnas Žebriūnas

1969, 63 min., b&w

Photo: Lithuanian Central State Archive

The feature film The Beauty (Gražuolė) is a veritable gem, a classic Lithuanian family film. It is a poetic narrative of great material and spiritual beauty, focusing on a child living through her first dramatic encounters with reality.

Inga lives with her single mother. The children living around their house play a game, whereby one of them stands in the centre of a circle and the others shower him or her with criticism or compliments. The young protagonist of the film usually hears pleasant words from them. But what happens when a “new boy” turns up and declares that Inga is no beauty?

Monday, 28 March

7.00 pm

Cineteca di Bologna - Cinema Lumière (Via Azzo Gardino 65)