Vytautas V. Landsbergis (born 1962 in Vilnius) is a poet, storyteller, playwright, director, publicist, and musician. He graduated from Vilnius University with a Bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian Literature. He studied film in Tbilisi, Georgia and in New York with the filmmaker Jonas Mekas at the Anthology Film Archives. He has also completed a course for the young European theatre directors in England.

He had directed 20 documentary films and three feature films. He writes plays and directs them himself in various theatres internationally.

V. V. Landsbergis is well known as a storyteller. He began by telling stories to his children and then went on to create an entirely new genre in Lithuanian children’s literature. The stories of V. V. Landsbergis grow out of life events and the improvised stories he would tell his five children or his circle of friends at parties. His The Stories of Little Brown-Nosed Bear, The Apple Stories, The Angel Stories, Eugene the Moose have been adopted for stage and produced by several of Lithuanian drama theatres.

The Stories of Little Brown-Nosed Bear were selected as the best Lithuanian book for children in 1994. The Story of Dominic, a Horse in Love was selected the best Lithuanian book for children and young adults in 2004.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Culture awarded V. V. Landsbergis for his contribution for children’s literature in 2005. The writer produced his children‘s play Zita, the Little Mouse and received the National Drama Festival Versmė award. In 2007 V. V. Landsbergis was decorated with the Order of Service to Lithuania, The Knight’s Cross, for his personal efforts to document the sacrifices of the resistance fighters who lost their lives fighting for Lithuania’s freedom. V. V. Landsbergis was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2008. He received the Award of the Lithuania Education and Science Ministry for his children‘s writings (2006) and the Lithuanian Government Award for Culture and Arts (2009).

The Story of Dominic, a Horse in Love was granted entry to the White Ravens Catalogue (2005) of the International Youth Library in Munich and was included on the IBBY Honours List (2006).

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Selected translations


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