Juozas Erlickas (b. 1953 in Akmenė District, Lithuania) is a poet, prose writer and a playwright. From 1971 to 1975 to he studied the Lithuanian language and literature in Vilnius University. He later took jobs as an inspector of the Nature Protection Committee, as stagehands with the Youth Drama Theatre in Vilnius, worked for with different printing companies. Since 1995 he is on staff of the daily Lietuvos rytas.

He writes satirical prose, plays and poetry. His first collection of humorous short stories Why? was published in 1979. Over the years of Lithuanian independence he has established himself as one of the most scathing critics of Soviet mentality and behaviour stereotypes.

His literary work is supplemented by the persona of the author himself: he performs songs to his lyrics, appears in TV shows and appeared as a singer in the production of a rock opera. Pas Erlicką is a cafe in Vilnius named after him.

Erlickas has only written poetry for children and young adults. Žalias pareiškimas ir kiti eilėraščiai (A Green Declaration and Other Poems) was awarded as the best 1992 book for children and adults.

In 1997 Juozas Erlickas received the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts.

His books are translated into the Russian, German, Polish and French languages.

Selected bibliography

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