Illustration by Young Lithuanian Artists

The exhibition Illustrarium: Illustration by Young Lithuanian Artists offers viewers an opportunity to learn about the work of artists who are currently studying at Vilnius Academy of Art and the Kaunas Faculty of Art, as well as the work of other artists who have recently completed their studies.

Several young Lithuanian artists are interested in book illustration today. They find a channel for their ideas through illustration, and a few of them treat this complex genre as their main activity. All the works presented here were created while the artists were studying at Vilnius Academy of Art. This is why the artists are referred to as young artists. However, some of them (such as Raminta Šumskytė, Evelina Paukštytė and Agnė Kananaitienė) are now well known, with extensive book illustrating experience, and have participated in many exhibitions. Others (such as Austėja Slavinskaitė) are very young, and have just started out on their careers.

The diversity of the selection offers a possibility to view a wide spectrum of young artists’ work, based on the relationship between image and text, which is very important in book illustration. The boundary that separates the world of children’s illustration and its interpretation by adults disappears in both the traditional style of illustration, where there is a close link between the text and the image, and the colourful pictorial stories created by the artists themselves. Each cycle of illustrations is individual, and reveals suggestively the emotional attitudes of its artists. This exhibition is unified by the young artists’ sincere fantasies, and will transport every viewer to an unusual, idiosyncratic and ironic world of illustration.

The catalogue of the exhibition

Curators: prof. R. Kepežinskas, K. Kleponytė-Šemeškienė.

The exhibition Illustrarium: Illustration by Young Lithuanian Artists took place at the Museo Civico Medievale in Bologna (Italy) in March - April, 2011.