Vladislovas ŽILIUS

Born in the Šilalė district in 1939. He graduated from the Lithuanian State Art Institute in 1964. Between 1965 and 1969 he worked for Vaga publishers, and between 1970 and 1973 for Mintis publishers as chief artist. He has illustrated and designed books for adults and children, and designed theatre and film sets and costumes. At the end of the 1960s, he developed an interest in abstract art and Pop Art, employing the their principles in his easel paintings, which he could not exhibit publicly because of Soviet censorship, and in his children’s book illustrations. Two children’s books came out with his illustrations in 1972 and 1973. In 1975, he applied to emigrate to Israel, where his wife’s relatives lived, and because of this he was expelled from the Artists’ Union, losing the chance to take part publicly in artistic life. In 1976, he wrote a letter to the first secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party, expressing his wish to leave for the West, and after that he was allowed to emigrate, and left for the USA. He is currently based in New York. In 1993, he held a solo exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Vilnius.